Thursday, January 14, 2010

Donate to the earthquake victims

"The moment we stop fighting for each other
, that's the moment we lose our humanity."

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Big things to come in '10 for LAWF

2010 will be a very big year for Love Affair With Footwear. I want to thank everyone who has been rockin with us from the start. February will mark a year for the blog. It's been a good year. But there is so much more to come. The website is going to go under construction for a while. So bare with us. Please know that you will be amazed by the new look and feel following the construction.

More LAWF apparel will be coming in '10. Yes we have the "Monogamy Blows" tee and the hat, but we have so much more in the tank. Look out for the fall lookbook (October '10). I think yall are going to be very impressed by the things we will be doing this year. All I can ask is that you continue to rock with us and promote to those who have yet to be put on to this movement. Once again, the site will be under construction. So bare with us. Everything should be back to normal by Feb 1. That's the goal I'm putting out there, and that's the goal I hope my team will stick to.


Friday, December 25, 2009

Fine Art

If you did happen to get a pair of the oh so coveted Space Jams, I found something that would be the perfect complement. Above is a poster that I found on The poster is entitled Space Girls. It features two beautiful women having a little "fun" while rockin one of the most coveted sneakers of our time. What more could you ask for?

I just ordered this for my room. Besides being just a hot ass poster, it is also a collector's item. Only 500 made one of those 500 and cop one of these. Even if you didn't get the space jams, this is still a nice pick up.

The Madness is over...Space Jams '09

The madness has passed. December 23rd will forever be known as one of the biggest sneaker release days in history. If you were on twitter or any other social network after 12 am, you certainly saw many updates concerning the oh so coveted Space Jams. The picture above shows just a little bit of the madness that occured. I guess some people really wanted these shoes huh?

Some who stood in line were blessed to get a pair; some were not so lucky. Were you one of those lucky few?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Visvim is a new online shoe outlet I discovered. You will find a wide range of fashionable shoes that are sure to catch many an eye, because...quite frankly...they're quite freaky. From boat shoes to high tops to suede clogs to slip on women sandals, Visvim does it like no other. These kicks are honestly some of the most originally designed footwear I've seen in a quite while and even if they aren't as "main-stream" as some of the more well-known shoe brands, they actually s*** on most of the things people these days call shoes. Check out Visvim now, in time to cop while they have the holiday sales going on. Some kicks are going for as much as 49% off (why not 50, I have no idea) dropping prices of $350.00 down to as little as 179.88. *gasp* And if you find these prices outside of your pockets grasp, honestly you can still enjoy these shoes as eye candy, because you'll definitely see a pair on my feet in the near future. Rock with me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Space Jams

I am not really a big fan of Jordans. I've maybe had 5 pairs in my entire lifetime. Each of those pairs were used for hooping; not casual wear. But as X-mas '10 approached, I had yet to think of something that I wanted until I had a long conversation with a good friend of mine. She is an avid sneakerhead and she was explaining to me the magnitude of December 23rd. I told her once again that I am not a big Jordan guy, but she insisted it did not matter because...."These are the Space Jams ma nigga."

After listening to her very convincing argument, and doing some independent research, I have decided that these are what I want for X-mas '10. The shoes are probably the most coveted Jordans ever made. Sneaker blogs have been talking about this release since late 2008. The release date has been moved several times, but it is now officially set for December 23rd.

For those who know nothing about the ever so desired Space Jams, here is a little background info:

The official name is the Air Jordan XI Retro (Black/Varsity Royal-White). The XIs were originally released in 1995. They were the first shoe that Jordan wore following his first retirement. The Bulls went an NBA record 72-10 that year, which helps contribute to the shoe's popularity.

The shoes received the "Space Jam" moniker after they were worn in the legendary 90s movie, Space Jam. When Jordan rocked the shoes in the movie as Bugs Bunny's right hand man, the jumpan logo was purple. When the shoes were released to the general public in late 2000 with a blue jumpman logo rather than purple, they were quickly soaked up by consumers. December 23rd will be the first release of the shoe since.

The Space Jams could previously be found on eBay for close to $1000. This proves the shoe's value. So in essence, by purchasing the shoe on Dec 23rd, you could be making a sound investment. So whether you are a sneakerhead who will rock these in the streets; or a collector who will keep these in the closet (like some friends I know lol); or just a random dude who wants to make a profit in a couple months/years...these shoes are a must have on Dec. 23rd. I'll be at my local store at 8 am on the 23rd...will you?

Oh yea...P.S.--LAWF just had a come up yall. The bulk order of the LAWF snap backs will be ordered soon (end of the month soon!). 120 hats will be available. They will be placed on the LAWF online store as soon as they are ordered. They will be on sale for $25. Just keep the eyes open...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tim Duncan + Swagged out shoes = Oxymoron

Yes...the most boring player in the NBA now has some of the most unique and swagged out shoes to date. Tim Duncan, the San Antonio Spurs' all-star power forward, has had pics of his latest player edition kicks leaked. The shoes, known as the TS Commander LT Skeletals, were originally created as a halloween promotion. Duncan apparently liked the shoes so much that he continued to rock them.

And why blame him? These are pretty dope. The top of the shoe features the bone structure of Tim's foot; the sole of the shoe also sports Tim's bones. The shoes are currently only available for Tim (and his closet homies I'm sure). But they could be produced for the public soon...just keep the eyes open. If these go for public sale, I will certainly need these for hooping.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More LAWF Sightings

This s#$% aint no joke people. I'm still receiving more and more love each day in reference to these hats. Once again if you want one, send your info to You will be put on the list. I need just 70 orders to go ahead and make a bulk order. The hat will go for $25. I feel like that's nothing for this wonderful creation. Then again....I may be a little biased (lol).

But if you send your name to the email above, you will be put on the list and have the first chance to buy the hat. This also means you will get yours before anybody else.

Help me push this movement people....LAWF.

Also shouts out to those photo'd above: Bryson Green aka THE Lawf Artist, the partner in crime OK-O-YEA (lol), and Christian Bell.

Friday, November 20, 2009

LAWF Snap back sightings

Yeaaaaaa. The snap backs are being loved by the people so far. Once again, if you want a hat, send your info to

We may try to play with the colorway too. So does that mean more colorways coming soon? Who knoooooooooows. Definitely MORE moves coming soon though

Shouts out to the polygamists in these pics....


Thursday, November 19, 2009

LAWF Snap back Hats are finally here

Yes. The box came. The official LAWF snap back hats are here. As I've said before I only have 6 samples. They have all already been copped. But do not fret (lol), yall can still cop one.

If you want a hat, this is the official beggining of the preorder. I need to gather up enough orders to get a bulk order. The hats will go for $25-30. If you want a hat, email your contact info to

I've gotten a lot of love so far. People seem to really dig these. Totally designed by yours truly. If you forgot the makeup of this wonderful creation, here's a reminder:

1. LAWF logo on the front
2. The LAWF "cheating eyez" logo on the back panel right above the snap back
3. The LAWF >1 Monogamous symbol on the left side
4. Green top button to complement the green under brim
5. "Love Affair With Footwear" continuously written throughout the inside of the hat

Once again, if you want a hat, email your info to